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Our Volunteers

Our program has a small army of volunteers who make our mission possible. Their time and efforts are an invaluable resource to Citrus County Blessings.

Central Citrus Pantry
Serving Central Ridge & Citrus Springs Elementary – Managed by Lisa Steed
Crates packed by Phil & Cheryl Sheets

Assembly Team Members

Taylor Swander – Team Captain
John Chiappetta – Team Captain
Karen Kennedy Hall – Team Captain
Kathleen Murat – Team Captain
Sharen Lowe – Team Captain

Citrus High Pantry
Managed by Tina Adams – Teacher

Sam McClain – Assistant Principal

Citrus Springs Middle Pantry
Managed by Lee Partin – Support Staff
Josi Breviario
Mrs. Bender

Crystal River Pantry
Serving Crystal River Primary – Managed by Susan Bailey
Crates Packed by Joan Luebee & Gail Grimm

Assembly Team Members
Carl & Ashley McDermont – Team Captain
Marcia Webb – Team Captain
Jennifer Lucena – Team Captain
Laurie Lindsey – Team Captain
Nancy Hammond – Team Captain
Jean Bush – Team Captain
Claire Quigley – Team Captain
Sue Sandstrom – Team Captain

Floral City Pantry
Serving Floral City Elementary – Managed by Sally Hardy
Crates packed by

Assembly Team Members

Sally Hardy – Team Captain
Cathi Ayers – Team Captain

Hernando Pantry
Serving Inverness Primary, Forest Ridge, Hernando, and Pleasant Grove Elementary – Managed by Debbie Lattin
Crates packed by Ed & Cindy Staten, Phyllis Triolo, Lynn Cumbie, Sue Laporte, Madelyn Robinson & Betty Pleacher

Assembly Team Members
Frank & Elaine Williams – Team Captain
Kim Fulford – Team Captain
Erika Hawn – Team Captain
Diane Krajenta – Team Captain
Dawn Rogers – Team Captain
Marilyn Jordan – Team Captain

Lee Ann Pepe – Team Captain
Carol and Howard Schiffhauer
Karen and Bob Yurkovich
Tom Morgan
John Pepe

Jen Grow – Team Captain

Marlene Moran – Team Captain
Glenda Allen
Grant & Anita Haskins
Bob & Nadine Humphries
Mike & Lou Isley
Sena Kelly
John Moran
Gene & Pattie Pullen
Bob & Anne Stratton
Mary Sullivan
Barry & Glenda Sweigart
Ed & Marsha Walker
Carolyn Zemanik

Homosassa Pantry
Serving Homosassa Primary – Managed by Carol MacKenzie & Wanda Ashley
Crates packed by Wanda & Gordon Ashley

Assembly Team Members

Charlotte Sharp – Team Captain
Richard Sharp
Pat & Les Wilson
Lina Irvin
Ruth Bowen
Becka & Micah Madden
Fran Thornton
Jane Chernesky

Carol MacKenzie – Team Co-Captain
Wanda Ashley – Team C0-Captain
Bunny Wade
Pat Deem
Lorraine Tollefson
Mary Tarorick
JoAnn Schulz
Ruth Rittgers
Sue Price
Bobbye Spicer
Karen Kline
Kathy Hughes Powell

Carol Anier – Team Captain
Laloni Mannis – Team Captain

Cathy Wright – Team Captain
Jackie Antonacci
Donna Hunt
Sandy Galasso
Paula Philolius
Karen Taylor

Inverness Middle Pantry
Managed by Robin Martone – Teacher

Steffanie Grotz – Teacher
Mrs. Gallery – Teacher

Lecanto Pantry
Serving Lecanto Primary & Rock Crusher Elementary – Managed by Grace Hengesbach
Crates packed by Jacki & Chet Bennett

Assembly Team Members
Sharon Merrill – Team Captain
Amy Cole – Team Captain
Michelle Croft – Team Captain
Lance Fletcher
Donna Fletcher
Denise Lindeman
Justin Ferrara
(and two student helpers!)
Pastor Steve – Team Captain


Food Czars
Nina Furry, Cheryl Sheets, Jodi Blackburn

Food Delivery
Debbie Lattin, Bob Powell, Lee Stokes, Leroy Meahl, Jack King, Susan and Alan Edkins, Grace Hengesbach, Pete Burrell &  St. Scholastica’s Knights of Columbus

Guidance Counselors / Liaisons at School Sites
Colleen Fuller
Lois Campbell
Jessie Lubotsky
Charlene Bostic
Holly Becker
Deanna Reeves
Marcia Brown
Kelly Johnson
Leona Williams
Debi Harmon
Coni Young
Linda Braden
Beth Noland
Liz Zatz

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