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About Us

In 1999, Debbie Lattin founded Citrus County Harvest,Inc. a non-profit, 501(c)(3) registered charity. Citrus County Harvest operates a program known as Citrus County Blessings. The program was established in 2009 in response to the immediate needs of our community.

The program is dedicated to silencing the weekend hunger of impoverished children.  Blessings started slowly, serving 50 children in one school. By 2014-2015, the program served 1,250 children in 11 elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.

Each week, for 35 weeks of the school year, teams of volunteers take the food off the shelves at the food pantries and put the appropriate amounts into crates.  After the food is crated, other volunteer teams place the food into plastic retail bags and take them to the schools. Each Friday, on their way to the bus, the children pick up their bags. No one calls attention to the children.

The food distributed is from donations that meet our criteria and food that is purchased from the Community Food Bank of Citrus County.

Benefits of the Blessings program:

  • Increased access to vitamin-fortified food
  • Increased attendance at school
  • Higher test scores
  • Reduced behavioral problems
  • Increased parental participation


Mission Statement

To inform, serve and facilitate the feeding of those in need through an ever-present volunteer network. We are the responsive and compassionate link between the donors and local agencies that can best utilize the donation.

*Florida’s Good Samaritan Law, adopted by the Florida State Legislature in 1898, is designed with the intent of protecting all donors of food to the needy.

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